Turkish occupation lootes generators

The Turkish occupation looted three generators that were supplying electricity to the broadcasting towers of (Syriatel-MTN) in Rajo area .


A source from Muska village in Rajo area in Afrin canton told (ANHA) agency that the Turkish occupation and its mercenaries looted three generators located at the water tank in the northern part of the village.

The source confirmed that the generators were working to deliver electricity to towers distribution of mobile phone networks in Rajo area.

The source pointed out that the Turkish occupation has changed the homes of citizens Osman Bakr and Majid Bakr to two headquarters of its mercenaries.

Another source from Sheikh blo village belonging to Rajo area that the Turkish occupation army 's gangs  withdrawn out of the village after looting of all civilians 's properties, the source pointed out that the mercenaries will move to another village to loot.








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