Turkish occupation mercenaries cut down more than 100 trees in Afrin's Shiye and Mobata

​​​​​​​ Sources reported that the mercenaries of the "Samarkand Brigade" of the Turkish occupation army cut down more than one hundred forest trees in two villages located in the outskirts of Mobata and Shiye districts of the occupied canton of Afrin.

 Our agency's sources said that the mercenaries of the "Samarkand Brigade" cut down more than a hundred forest trees in the villages of Haj Qasmo of Mobata and Dalo district of Shiye district in the occupied canton of Afrin.

 The Turkish occupation state and its mercenaries continue the processes of demographic change and obliterating the identity of the region, as well as destroying its nature and cutting down trees in order to change its features.

 According to the statistics of the Human Rights Organization Afrin - Syria, since their occupation of Afrin canton, the Turkish occupation and its mercenaries have cut down more than 34,000 olive and forest trees.



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