Turkish occupation mercenaries forced families to marry off their daughters, kidnappings continue

The mercenaries of the Turkish occupation, as IS mercenaries did in the areas they occupied, threaten families in Afrin to marry off their daughters to mercenaries where the number of killings and kidnappings are increasing in Afrin.


The situation of Afrin women has deteriorated day after day since the Turkish occupation of Afrin canton, from attacks, kidnapping and murder, while they were imprisoned in their homes for fear of knowing the existence and subjected to abuse.

The Turkish occupation mercenaries are spreading panic and fear in the hearts of civilians in Afrin, where they continue to practice immoral and inhumane violations against civilians and women from kidnapping, killing, looting and robbery.

According to a local source from the city of Afrin, Turkish mercenaries threaten families by forcibly marrying their daughters, and if the family refuses, they confiscate family property and drive them out of their homes.

The source stressed that many families have to hide their daughters from the eyes of mercenaries for fear of assault or displacement.

In the same context, a video posted on social networking sites showed how a Turkish mercenary killed a woman after harassing her in Azadi Square in Afrin city center.

Mercenaries continue to loot the property of civilians who steal in Afrin.

Where the mercenaries stole the property of the citizen Abdo Ali on the road Rajo in the city of Afrin, and raided houses in al-Vilat Street and stole the contents and stole cell phones from the people, and stole one million Syrian pounds of a shop in the same street.

While the mercenaries of Fileq al-Sham kidnapped the physical therapist Adnan Bustan after they released him a few weeks ago and was subjected to physical torture, and took him to an unknown destination.

As the mercenary kidnapped the lawyer Mohammed Bilal from Shia district, while he was in his home in Afrin, his fate unknown, while the elder Faruq Sheikho, a resident of the village of Kukan Foqani in the Mobata district, who was kidnapped in December last year, remains unknown.

As mercenaries kidnapped citizen Farid Battal Hanan from the village of Koran in Janders district, along with his son Mohammed and two of his brothers Shizar and Arif Hanan, the mercenaries seized the home of a nephew of Farid in the village of Koran and the mercenaries seized a house and a van.



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