Turkish occupation mercenaries kidnap 3 citizens of Sherawa

Turkish occupation mercenaries kidnapped 3 citizens from Sherawa district of occupied Afrin Canton, after assaulting them in front of their relatives, and took them to an unknown place.

A source from Shirawa district reported that "Al-Sham Legion" mercenaries led by "Abu Idris" kidnapped 3 citizens from the villages of Faferten and Burj Sulayman, belonging to Sherawa district in occupied Canton of Afrin.

The source revealed the names of the kidnapped: Yasser Juma'a Aalo, Khalil Ahmed Shawty from the village of Faferten, and Muhammad Ahmed Sulayman from the village of Burj Sulayman.

The same source added that the mercenaries assaulted the kidnappers by beating, cursing and humiliating them in front of the people, and then took them to an unknown place.



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