​​​​​​​Turkish occupation mercenaries seize 50 olive trees in Jendres district

The mercenaries of "Liwaa Samarqand " of the Turkish occupation army seized 50 olive trees belonging to Hussein Mohammed Haj Abdo and Hussein Mohammed Mamed of Jendres district of occupied Afrin Canton.

According to the sources, the olive trees belonging to citizen Hussein Mohammed Haj Abdo are located near the settlement of "Al-Ihsan" in the vicinity of Qazqili mountain in the village of Kafr Safra, while the olive trees belonging to citizen (Hussein Mohammed Mamed) are located in the vicinity of the village of bavlor in Jendres.

The mercenaries of Turkish occupation are destroying the nature of Afrin, seizing its trees and cutting them down in order to change its features.



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