Turkish Occupation  plans to occupy Derik and Shengal

Turkish Occupation Forces are on preparedness to launch an attack against Shengal and the Derik Region in Rojava in the 10 coming days.

After the visit paid by the Turkish Defence Minister Hulusi Akar to both Baghdad and Hewler, Turkish President Receb Tayyib Erdogan has responded to a question on a probable attack against Shengal, replying '' we are ready to carry out a military operation, and this operation won’t be commenced via statements, for I  always have my  word on this, any night we could come''.

Well informed sources have reported that the Turkish Occupation Army is on the move to launch an attack on Shengal and Derik Region of Rojava.

The source, on the condition of anonymity, said that such an attack would be carried out within the period of ten days, without giving further details.

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