Turkish occupation prepares to evacuate Sher Magher point

Syrian Observatory for Human Rights (SOHR) reported that the Turkish occupation forces stationed in the so-called "Observation Point" in the village of Sher Maghar in Jabal Shahshabo, northwest of Hama governorate, are preparing to evacuate it.

The Syrian Observatory said that the Turkish forces stationed in the so-called "eleventh point" in the village of Sher Maghar in Jabal Shahshabo northwest of Hama governorate are preparing to evacuate it, similar to the observation point in Morek that took place 10 days ago.

On June 14, 2018, Turkish forces stationed in Sher Maghar village, according to the agreement between Iran and Russia, within the framework of the tripartite deal meetings known as "Astana".

The Turkish forces began dismantling and transferring large parts of the equipment of the ninth point in "Morek" on 19 October.

In conjunction with these preparations to evacuate the observation point, the Turkish occupation continues with the transfer of weapons and soldiers into the Syrian

On Thursday, SOHR has confirmed that the entry of Turkish convoy from Kafr Losin crossing, north of Idlib, consisting of 25 vehicles carrying military and logistical equipment.



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