Turkish occupation prevents Afrin people from celebrating in Newroz

Turkish occupation through a circular released by the so-called " Local Council" has prevented the people of Afrin to celebrate of Newroz 2019.


The Turkish occupation and its mercenaries continue to practice their modern and chauvinistic policies through the implementation of the cultural and ethnic extermination schemes and the demographic change against Afrin and their people.

The so-called "Local Council" in Afrin belongs to Turkish occupation, issued a circular prohibiting any Afrin residents from celebrating Newroz 2019.

The circular, called "Declaration", was written in Arabic and Turkish, and was signed by the so-called "Mohammed Abdul Muttalib Sheikh Na'san" under the name of the Presidency of the Council.

It is noteworthy that Afrin was celebrating each year after Newroz, and after Rojava revolution all the components that live Afrin celebrate with each other on this occasion, and the number of the participants in Newroz nearly 100,000 people.



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