​​​​​​​Turkish occupation renews its artillery shelling on the center of Zarghan district

​​​​​​​Turkish occupation army and its mercenaries renewed their bombardment on the center of Zarghan district of Hasaka Canton, and its northern and southern countryside.

Meanwhile, Zarghan district of Hasaka Canton is being bombed by Turkish occupation army and its mercenaries, after the district witnessed continuous shelling last night until dawn today.

ANHA correspondent reported that the artillery of Turkish occupation targeted the southern and northern villages of the district, and its center.

The bombing is focused on the western and southern neighborhoods in the center of the district, on the village of Al-Asadiya north of the district, and the villages of Al-Rabiat and Tal al-Ward in its southern countryside.

Turkish occupation army, according to field commanders, targeted Zarghan district last night with more than 100 artillery shells and mortars, and the bombing caused damage to citizens' property, in addition to damage to people's municipality building.









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