Turkish occupation renews its bombardment on Ain Issa countryside

The Turkish occupation army and its mercenaries renewed their bombardment on villages in the eastern countryside of Ain Issa district.

ANHA's reported that the bombing renewed on town of Al-Hisha and the village of Fatsa, it also includes village of Skairo in the eastern countryside of Ain Issa district.
Where the Turkish occupation directly targeted water and electricity stations in town of Al-Heisha. The Turkish bombing comes after an attack launched by ISIS mercenaries, on Thursday, Al-Sina’a prison in the Ghweran neighborhood, south of the city of Hasakah, in addition to targeting car belonging to the Tal Tamr Military Council by Turkish UAV the car was heading to the city of Hasaka to support the Internal Security Forces and SDF that clashed with ISIS mercenary cells in vicinity of Ghweran prison in the city of Al-Hasakah.

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