Turkish occupation 's violations continuous in Afrin

The Turkish occupation army and its mercenaries abducted a citizen and uprooted dozens of olive trees in the village of Mareskê in Shara district in the occupied Afrin district, in continuation of a long series of Turkish crimes against the people of the occupied canton.

According to a source from the village of Mareskê, that Turkish occupation army uprooted dozens of olive trees belong to the citizen Mohammed Tubal.

Turkish occupation and its mercenaries having occupied Afrin canton, and Turkish occupation 's atrocities are still continued against Afrin people such as: looting, stealing, kidnapping and the operations of forced displacement and changing demographic.

The same source confirmed that the Turkish occupation army kidnapped Ahmed Bashir Khalil from the village of Mareskê belonging to Shara district.

The fate of Ahmed Bashir Khalil is still unknown.

In addition, the Turkish occupation army continues to impose royalties on citizens, as well as the people had been forced to pay 10,000 SY to the so-called local council in Shara district,the mercenary known as Abu Bilal and mercenary Abu Ghazi who imposed on the people to pay royalties which amounted to 500 thousand Syrian pounds

In another area, another source said that the Turkish occupation 's mercenaries stole a week ago the lighting equipment which were installed in the alleys and public streets surrounding the area and the villages of Khirbet Sharan and Sinka.



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