Turkish occupation sends a new group of Syrian mercenaries to Libya

Amid ignoring the demands of the Libyan people to get the mercenaries out of Libya, the Turkish occupation state continues to transfer Syrian mercenaries to Libya, where a plane carrying a new group of Syrian mercenaries from Ankara airport arrived to Misrata in order to involve them in the Libyan war.

Syrian Observatory for Human Rights reported that at least a military plane belonging to Turkish occupation state transported mercenaries of Syrian nationality to Libya.

The plane took off, according to the Observatory, on Wednesday evening, October 5, from the airport of the Turkish capital Ankara, carrying a new group of Syrian mercenaries recruited by Turkish intelligence in Libya, where it arrived to Misrata, Libya, to involve them in the Libyan war.

This comes despite UN and international calls for more than a year to end the presence of mercenaries and foreign forces on Libyan territory, but the Turkish occupation state continues to recruit Syrian mercenaries and send them to Libya and Azerbaijan as well.

A report is the first of its kind submitted to UN Security Council and prepared by "group of experts", last May, indicated that the Turkish occupation state is deploying Syrian mercenaries in Libya to replace those whose contracts have expired, replace them with new ones and provide them with various weapons

The report pointed to "the continued presence of Syrian fighters supported by Turkey in military camps belonging to the "government of national unity" led by Abd al-Hamid Dabiba.

The report stated, "Turkey has trained 6,799 Libyan soldiers until November 30, 2021. The committee of experts also monitored 33 flights from Turkey to western Libya between May 2021 and March 2022, where the flights transported Syrian fighters.

It is worth mentioning that in November 2019, the former government signed a security memorandum with the Turkish occupation state, neither side has yet disclosed the details of the deal, but essentially granted Turkey "the right to send troops to Libya for training and other tasks," which is a threat to Libya's stability.


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