Turkish occupation sets up 10 new bases in Başûr

The Turkish occupation state has set up 10 new military bases in the vicinity of the town of Shiladze in the Amdiya district in Başûr (southern Kurdistan), and forced the people of the surrounding villages to flee to the districts and cities.

ANF News Agency stated that the newspaper "Hawlati" highlighted the establishment of military bases by the Turkish occupation state in the Bahdinan region, and according to the report published by the newspaper, the Turkish occupation army occupies hundreds of villages and regions in Başûr (southern Kurdistan), and curfews have been imposed in some of them.

The report stated that most of the rural villages of Shiladze, 30 km away from Amadiya sub-district of Dohuk district were evacuated from their residents as a result of the attacks of the Turkish occupation state.

According to the information provided by the administrator in Shiladze, Rizgar Obeid, 85 villages within the borders of the town of Shiladze have been evacuated, and a curfew has been declared in these villages, where local residents outside the villages have been informed that no one should visit the villages. .

As Nayef Shidai, from the Sirah complex of the town of Chiladze, said, the villages were emptied of their residents and became soldiers' camps.

A large military force is stationed in the region

Dilshad Nasrallah, a university and civilian teacher from the Sirah complex, told the newspaper: "The Turkish occupation army has built approximately 10 military bases on the mountains and hills surrounding the town of Shiladze. Biddah Castle, in addition to that, the Turkish occupation army deployed more military forces in the region.

Nasrallah stated that the villages, each of which contained no less than 50 to 75 families, became completely empty, and they fled to the center of Shiladeh, Derluk, Sarsang, Qedash, Amdiya, and Dohuk.



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