Turkish occupation shells government forces' positions in Aleppo countryside

The area called "De-escalation" witnessed clashes and mutual shelling between government forces and mercenaries backed by Turkey, while Turkish occupation forces bombed areas of government forces in the countryside of Aleppo.

The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights reported that clashes on the Benin axis in Jabal al-Zawiya continued until after midnight Friday-Saturday, between Turkey's mercenaries on one side, and government forces on the other hand, accompanied by bombing and mutual targets.

The Syrian Observatory said that the result of the violent clashes was the killing and wounding of both sides.

In a related development, the Turkish occupation forces targeted with rocket-missiles the largest town of Urum al-Kubrah, which is controlled by government forces in the western countryside of Aleppo, without information on casualties until now.

Yesterday, the Syrian Observatory documented the killing of 5 government forces, in addition to the killing of 3 mercenaries from Tahrir al-Sham, as a result of the violent clashes that took place between the two parties after midnight Thursday-Friday, in the southern countryside of Idlib, in an attack by government forces on al-Ftirah axis.



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