​​​​​​​ Turkish occupation state turns occupied Afrin into a large prison

 Dozens of prisons have spread in Afrin canton after its occupation by the Turkish occupation and its mercenaries, to turn into a large prison, in which the most severe types of physical and psychological torture are practiced with the aim of displacing the remaining residents and preparing the ground for completing the process of changing the demographics of the district.

 After its occupation, Afrin, this mountainous region decorated with perennial olive trees, turned from a safe haven that embraces displaced people from different parts of the Syrian land, to a geographical spot similar to those areas occupied by Turkey before it, where security chaos, bombings, killings, theft and kidnappings.

 In this report, we are based on the report of the Human Rights Organization Afrin - Syria, and we shed light on the places and basements where the people of Afrin are detained after they were kidnapped by the Turkish intelligence and its mercenaries, who practice the worst forms of abuse and torture, such as breaking bones, electrocution, flogging and methods of torture.

 Ten places of torture and abuse in the occupied Afrin canton

 Afrin canton, after its occupation on the eighteenth of March 2018, witnessed many policies aimed at displacing the remaining residents, so the intelligence services and mercenaries of the Turkish occupation rushed to establish a prison in each neighborhood of the center of Afrin canton.

 1. Al-Mowaslat Prison, in the center of Afrin canton (the building of the Transportation Director opposite the Industrial District), run by the “Syrian Front” mercenaries under the supervision of the so-called defectors from the Syrian government, where civilians are kidnapped from the city of Afrin and thrown into it, before they are transferred to a prison  The main mercenary known as Al-Masara prison within the Sejo area in the countryside of Azaz.

 2. Teranda village prison, affiliated to the center of Afrin canton, run by Turkish intelligence, as it is one of the most dangerous secret prisons in which all methods of physical and psychological torture are practiced against abductees of both sexes.

 3. The Ashrafieh neighborhood prison in the center of Afrin canton, in one of the old abandoned houses, is run by a mercenary group affiliated with the Turkish occupation. The prison is of four rooms, two of which are for female kidnappers, whose number is between 50-60.

 4. The Villa Street prison in the center of the occupied canton of Afrin in an abandoned house and run by Ahrar al-Sharqiya mercenaries.

 5. Mahmudiya neighborhood prison in Afrin canton, in a house near the former sheep market, run by mercenaries of the Hamzat Division, and there are dozens of abductees, and there are two rooms for women.

  6. The court prison is in the center of Afrin canton, located in the old court building.  It is considered one of the detention centers for women and children kidnapped from various parts of Afrin canton, and the prison is run by mercenaries of the Levant Front.

 Four schools turned from teaching to torturing them after the occupation

 7. Afrin Al-Zouhour School Prison, located in the center of Afrin city near Afrin Hospital, is run by Ahrar al-Sharqiya mercenaries and there are elements of the Turkish intelligence, and most of the kidnapped are from the people of Afrin city and the villages surrounding the district center.

 8. The Arab Union School prison in the city of Afrin, run by Al-Jabha Al-Shamiya mercenaries, and contains a special section for women, which was later converted into a military headquarters as well.

 9. Al-Karama School Prison, in the city of Afrin. Al-Karama School is considered one of the oldest schools in Afrin canton. The Sham Legion faction turned it into a prison in which the abductees are subjected to various methods of torture. It contains special sections for women where they are tortured.

 10. Amir Ghobari School Prison, opposite Azadi Square in the city of Afrin, is run by Turkish intelligence in coordination with a number of its mercenary leaders. Cases relating to people who worked in the administration’s institutions are investigated previously.

 According to reports, schools in all areas and villages of the occupied canton of Afrin turned after the occupation into military bases and prisons to torture the abductees.  Not to mention the destruction of dozens of them during the aggression. In Bulbul district, which includes 39 schools in various educational levels, 27 schools were completely or almost completely damaged, while the rest were turned into military bases.

 In Mobata district, most of its schools have also turned into military bases, including the Shurba village school, which has been converted into a headquarters for the Turkish occupation forces.

 In Janders district, there are 50 schools, most of which were completely damaged, and the old preparatory school in it was converted into a warehouse.

 Torture dungeons in Rajo district

 11. Akbis Maidan Prison in Rajo district, run by Faylaq al-Sham mercenaries, under special supervision by Turkish intelligence, as it was built near the Syrian-Turkish border.  It accommodates approximately 400 abductees, and is composed of ten closed rooms with small internal ventilation holes, and all possible methods of torture are practiced in it. After preliminary investigations are conducted, the abductees are transferred to Turkish territory.

 12. The station prison in Rajo district, that is supervised by the mercenaries of Ahrar al-Sharqiya, most of its detainees are from the people of Rajo district and Mobata district, and it is known as one of the worst prisons.

 13. Goran village prison in Rajo district. The prison is located on the road between the villages of Hajj Khalil and Goran, in one of the house and, supervised by Faylaq al-Sham mercenaries.

 Shirawa district

 14.  Basuta prison, or the castle prison, is located in the village of Basuta in Sherawa district. The prison is supervised by leaders of the Hamzat Division mercenaries, where the most severe forms of torture are practiced against the abductees.

 15. The prison of the village of Barada, located within the village of Barada, and run by the Levant Front. The abducted citizens of Sherawa district and the surrounding villages are held there, and there are special rooms for women.  The abductees are subjected to the most severe types of physical and psychological torture.

 Shara hand

 16. Khirbeya prison in Shara district, formerly run by Sultan Murad's mercenaries, and later turned into a prison run by military police mercenaries.

 17. Kafr Jannah Prison, which belongs to the Shara district and is located in the former Vanguard camp, supervised by the mercenaries of the Levant Front, and the most severe types of torture are practiced there.

 Shih hand

 18. Shih Prison, or by another name, Abu Amsha Prison, run by the mercenaries of Suleiman Shah, and called Abu Amsha Prison;  In relation to the name of the leader of the mercenaries, Muhammad Al-Jassem.

 19. The prison of Qarmitalq village in Shih district, also run by the mercenaries of Suleiman Shah, and is located within the security headquarters of the mercenaries.

 Bulbul hand

 20. The prison of the village of Shangaliya on the Syrian-Turkish border in Bulbul district. The prison is located in the house of the displaced, Jamil Muhammad Attas, and is run by the Hamzat Division.  The prison is rectangular, with a length of more than 15 meters and a width of five meters. It used to be a barn (stable) where torture is brutal using all methods (electro-shock, blanc, and the wheel, placing an iron bar in the hands of the kidnapper, a penny for cutting nails, burning with cigarettes and using a quad cable), which leads to:  Paralysis and sensory loss.

 In addition to these prisons, where the most severe types of torture and killing are practiced, in order to displace and collect large sums of money, there are dozens of prisons and hidden basements in an area not exceeding 3850 square kilometers.



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