Turkish occupation targeted 1 civilian in Girê Spî

Farmer Khalil Saleh said that he was watering his land more than 140 meters away from the borders when he was targeted by the shots of the Turkish occupation army and that he remained for half an hour until he managed to reach the village of Girê Sour in Girê Spî to be transferred to the hospital yesterday.

Yesterday, the Turkish occupation army targeted 23-year-old farmer Khalil al-Saleh while he was working in his home. He was shot in the head.

Our agency ANHA met with the farmer and explained how he was targeted by the Turkish occupation.

Saleh said that he went to his land in the morning to work in it, "After the completion of watering the earth went to turn off  the generator that pumps water."

Saleh noted that the guard at the border was trying to target him. "I was targeted  by two shots, the first hit my stomach and the other my left hand."

Saleh said that after he was wounded, "no one from my family was able to send me to the hospital because the guards could target them as they targeted me. After half an hour I was able to crawl to the village of Girê Sour, to walk more than 300 meters. and my situation became very critical. "

The medical staff at the hospital said that the condition of Khalil Saleh is stable and "will remain in the hospital for a period until heals and we will perform a process of the hand because she was shot."

It is noteworthy that a few days ago a citizen was injured and later died of his injury, after being targeted by the Turkish border guards.



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