Turkish occupation targets Metîna and Zap areas aggressively  

Yesterday, the Turkish occupation army launched violent air and ground attacks on the Guerilla forces in the areas of Tal Judy and FM hill in Zap, and Hakkari hill in Metîna, which belong to the legitimate defense areas in Başûr, resulting in violent clashes.

The Furat news agency quoted sources in the ranks of the Guerilla forces that the Turkish occupation army bombed yesterday the areas of Tel Judi and FM Square in the Zap region and Tel Hakkari in the Metîna region with planes and helicopters, to launch a ground attack after that.

Since the 17th of last April, the Turkish occupation state has launched genocidal attacks against the People’s Defense Forces HPG in the legitimate defense areas in Başûr (Southern Kurdistan), using even internationally prohibited chemical weapons amid the silence of the international community.



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