Turkish occupation violates international laws by separating Afrin from Syrian lands

The Turkish occupation contravenes the international conventions of the United Nations, the Hague Convention, the Fourth Geneva Convention and other international laws, especially after Resolution No. 2254 on Syria. The international and legal silence demonstrates that a green light has been granted to Turkey to practice violations in the occupied territories.

More than a month has passed since the Turkish occupation began the construction of the partition wall on the eastern and southern sides of the city of Afrin, shoveling about 20 homes in Jelbre (Jelbul) and other buildings on the eastern and northern sides of the village, digging trenches and laying walls.

The Turkish occupation separates Afrin canton from the Syrian geography by continuing to build the partition wall within a plan to build 70 kilometers in Afrin.

The length of the wall in Jelbre village, 8 km southeast of Afrin, reached more than 3,500 meters. It is about to reach the vicinity of the nearby village of Basle, as well as the continuation in building the separation wall in Meryamin village 7 km east of Afrin, while the occupation stopped work in the vicinity of the village of Kimar as a result of the military operations of the Afrin Liberation Forces in the village.

Turkey is building a third wall in the world

Turkey has exploited the Syrian war, after sending terrorists and mercenaries to participate in the battles in the Syrian lands since 2015, building a wall along the border under the pretext of protecting its borders, which it began in Afrin canton to the city of Dêrik in north-east of Syria.

Thus, the separation wall between Turkey and Syria is considered the third longest wall in the world, in addition to the separation wall that is being built in the vicinity of the city of Afrin to separate it from the Syrian territory.

The Turkish occupation is placing pre-made walls, whose height reached four meters, width three meters, and weight 8 tons.

Law !

Hawar news agency held an interview with the lawyer Israfil Bakir Mostafa, and he said, "The articles within the treaties on the protection of human rights in the event of war and occupation confirm that what Turkey is doing is contrary to the laws, international charters of the United Nations and the Universal Declaration of Human Rights."

Mostafa pointed out that "Turkey has a great role in the Syrian crisis where infrastructure have been destroyed, and several parts of the Syrian lands also have been occupied starting from Jarablus till Afrin. This is contrary to the resolution issued by the United Nations in August 2015, the resolution No. 2254 on a political settlement on Syria."

On the construction of Turkey's partition wall, said lawyer Israfil Mostafa, "The construction of the concrete wall to divide and separate Afrin from Syria is contrary to the United Nations and international covenants. What Turkey is doing is prohibited in the legal arena."

Israfil Mostafa added that "what the Turkish state has done is considered war crimes against humanity, and despite all these violations and abuses there is international silence and indifference in dealing with flagrant violation of the Charter of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and the Charter of the United Nations by the Turkish state, and whoever is silent is considered a partner in the conspiracy."




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