Turkish opposition leader: the collapse of Erdogan's regime at Turkish youths' hands

The leader of the Turkish opposition, Kemal Kılıçdaroğlu, said that it was the Turkish youths who would destroy Erdogan's regime and the AKP government.

Kemal Kılıçdaroğlu statements came during his comment on Erdogan's direct broadcast scandal, when he decided to hold a meeting with young people through the "video-conferencing" technique and was met with strong rejection and attack, forcing the organizers of the meeting to cancel the comment feature.

He stressed that "the youth do not want a despotic regime in the state. Erdogan believed that by doing so (that is, by holding the meeting) he would make the students vote for him in the upcoming elections."

"But I think he regretted this decision a lot, and the youth taught him a harsh lesson with (I don't like) feature during the live broadcast.

Kemal Kılıçdaroğlu stated that "the youth have legitimate demands that the Erdogan regime cannot meet, the most prominent of which is the creation of job opportunities after graduating from universities."

The leader of the Republican Peoples' Party stated, “Erdogan's party deliberately rehabilitates inefficient and untrained young people for positions and joins jobs at the expense of the privileged young people of the Turkish nation, for that youth is the one who will destroy the AK Party and the regime.”

And last Friday, the Turkish President was exposed to an embarrassing situation, while holding a meeting with a group of young people, through the technology (video-conference) on his personal account on Twitter, after he was exposed to more of negative comments rejecting him; For the commanders to be forced to deactivate the comment feature.

Local media reported at the time that Erdogan had decided to address the youth via video to talk to them about their problems and answer their inquiries.

And it explained that while he was answering the youth's questions about unemployment and other issues, it refused comments that rejected him, before those in charge of the matter took notice and canceled the comments feature.

During the meeting, it turned out that the number of those who rejected him exceeded the number of the fans by far, and the number of those who expressed his rejection to him increased, such as "There is no vote for you again" and "Our appointment is the polls."



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