​​​​​​​Turkish opposition party: Erdogan prepares to flee abroad

 The head of the Turkish opposition Republican People's Party, Kemal Kilicdaroglu, claimed that Erdogan is sending his money abroad in preparation for his escape if he loses the upcoming presidential elections.

 And Kemal Kilicdaroglu published a video on his account on social media, in which he claimed that “the Youth Endowment (TÜRGV) and its supporters (ENSAR) close to the ruling authority have sent millions of dollars to the United States,” explaining that “the two endowments appear to be endowments created for students,  However, they are sending huge sums of money to a citizen of the United States.”

 Kilicdaroglu added: "These two endowments sent $20 million, then $10 million, then another $20 million and another $10 million. The list of money sent is endless and all the documents are in our possession," noting that "the two endowments sent one billion lira to the United States."

 He continued, “Who gave them all this money?  How did they find this money?  And why do you constantly send this money to the United States?  Why do you transfer foreign currency to the United States?  Who assigned you the task of establishing a parallel life there?”, claiming that “Erdogan is planning to escape from Turkey in case he loses the upcoming elections, and that he is sending his money “looted” from the people in this way abroad in order to continue his luxurious life there as well.”



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