Turkish practices in occupied territories ...Syrian dissident warns: settlement dream begins

The mercenaries of the Turkish occupation have intensified their measures aimed at ending the Syrian identity in the occupied Syrian areas, from demographic change and the imposition of the Turkish currency to the issuance of identity cards, all of which are practices that the Syrian activist and opposition figure Badr Mansour sees as a Turkish operation in preparation for the annexation of these areas to Turkey.

The so-called "Salvation Government" of the Turkish occupation in Syria announced preparations to start distributing identity cards in the areas occupied by Turkey and its mercenaries, in an apparent attempt to separate.

"Dream of restoring the Ottoman Empire"

Activist and political opponent, Mansour talked about this to our agency, saying: “At the beginning, we should not be surprised by the issue of imposing the Turkish identities and currency, as the partition project is an existing idea. This is the reality of the situation now. Therefore, the region is heading towards division, especially since Syria is divided into four regions of influence (Turkish - Russian - Iranian - American). "

He added, "With regard to Turkish influence, the latter has a dream to restore the Ottoman state, and to achieve this, it must annex vast territories to it. This is what it is doing in Syria, Libya and Iraq."

"The area is subject to turmoil"

This dangerous step is not the first of its kind, as after Turkey and its mercenaries occupied Syrian areas, they began to change the features of these areas and change their Syrian identity.

This policy began with appointing Turkish governors in addition to changing the demography of the region, as after the displacement of the original inhabitants of the region, the Turkish occupation transferred thousands of its mercenaries' families to these areas, especially from the Turkmen. These groups also introduced curricula, and Turkish flags were raised in these areas.

This did not end, as, in a new blow to the Syrian identity in these areas, the Turkish occupation imposed trading in its currency instead of the Syrian currency.

In this context, Mansour explained, "The region is vulnerable to Turkification due to several factors, including: currency, identities, language, universities, education, and what is happening on the Syrian arena is a very dangerous matter, because the beginning of this settlement dream starts from those things that we talked about, The most dangerous of these factors is the raising of the Turkish flag in the sky of Syria. "

"An investment of intellectual desertification and sectarian conflict"

The writer pointed out that “These factors is the beginning of the annexation of this region. Unfortunately, the danger lies in the fact that the decision to annexation is a decision adopted by a large segment of the "Sunni Arabs” and “Turkmen” living in the areas occupied by Turkey, who were its incubators. Popularity of the Turkish occupation, as a result of intellectual desertification, as a result of the sectarian focus, sectarian conflict, and fueling the sectarian situation, which the Turkish, Iranian and the Syrian regime have worked on. "

He explained, "The danger lies in the fact that the Turkish decision to enter the country was the result of the welcome by mercenaries of the National Army, a" creation of Turkey, "as Turkey's plan from the beginning in Syria was to settle and occupy parts of this country.

He believes, "Many of the Syrian officers who defected were patriots. Therefore, Turkey's project in Syria will clash with these personalities, so Turkey either physically assassinated them or deported them, and replaced them with mercenaries that Turkey could buy their loyalties easily. Therefore, Turkey was able through these mercenaries to create an incubating environment in those occupied areas. "

In the conclusion of his speech, activist and political opponent Badr Mansour called on Syrians to be aware of the seriousness of these practices, saying: “We should not focus our work as Syrians on the currency and imposed identities only, but we must focus on raising the Turkish flag, and work to educate people and pay attention to some organizations that seek to spread ideas civil and citizenship in that region. "

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