Turkish presence in Libya is a threat to the European Union

Europe is trying to counter Turkish-Ottoman military intervention in Libya, as it threatens European countries.

According to a report of the Belgian "Eurporter" website, Europe should face Turkish political and military interference inspired by the Ottoman legacy in Libya to prevent President Recep Tayyip Erdogan from controlling the country's main energy assets.

The presence of Turkey in Libya to ensure the victory of the government stationed in Tripoli against the opposition forces led by General Khalifa Hifter, and to enter into agreements to exploit the country’s natural gas and oil resources, and the Turkish presence threatens of a new immigration crisis from the countries in North Africa, including the Syrian Islamist mercenaries.

The site referred to a report by the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights outlining the flight of two thousand Syrian mercenaries supported by Turkey to Europe via Libya.

European governments are taking steps to actively confront Turkish politics in Libya, where France has called on NATO to address this issue.

The French president has already discussed this issue with US President Donald Trump, and further discussions are expected in the coming weeks.

In order to protect European interests, it is important to protect Libya from Turkish expansion, and to prevent Erdogan from controlling the country's assets.


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