Turkish- Russian joint patrol conducts east Kobani

Today, Monday morning, the Russian Military Police began conducting a joint patrol with Turkish occupation forces from one of the border gates in the village of Gharib, east of Kobani, on the Syrian-Turkish border.

4 armored vehicles from each side, in addition to two Russian helicopters, will participate in the patrol, which was launched at precisely 09:30 this morning.

The patrol is scheduled to tour the villages of "Gharib, Alyshar, Kurtek, Tal Hajeb, Qabbak Saghir, Hulaqi, Kharbsan Tahtani, Qeremox" as well as other villages and farms along this road.

The operation of the patrol comes within the framework of the Sochi understandings that Russia and Turkey reached on October 22, 2019, and the understanding stipulated the withdrawal of the Syrian Democratic Forces to beyond 32 kilometers from the Syrian-Turkish border, provided that joint Russian-Turkish patrols would be conducted on the borders.


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