Turkish shelling on Ain Issa extends and intensifies

Turkish occupation shelling on the countryside of Ain Issa has extended to cover other villages and became more intense.

According to ANHA's in Ain Issa, Turkish occupation shelling on western and eastern peripheries of Ain Issa has extended to cover Misherfe, Guhbel, Fatse, the Nakhil Rest-House, the Water Station and electricity facilities in the village of Hisha, the village of Khalidiye and the strategically important Aleppo –Hasaka highway known as the M4 with mortars and artillery.

It was reported the shelling is more and more intense.

Shelling is proceeding since the very hours of the day as a ground offensive into Misherfe was aborted by Syrian Democratic Forces.

The SDF reported 5 ISIS mercenaries were killed and one another was captured.



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