Turkish soldiers, mercenaries killed in Afrin

Afrin Liberation Forces HRE confirmed the elimination of Turkish soldiers and mercenaries in the occupied canton of Afrin.

On Saturday, HRE released public statement, revealing the results of the operation which carried in Afrin during in the statement:

Six Turkish soldiers and mercenaries killed in Afrin and Marea

Our forces continue to carry out military operations against the Turkish occupation army soldiers and mercenaries in Afrin and its surroundings, left behind more killed and wounded in gangs' ranks.

In this context:

On 29 August, our forces carried out a qualitative operation targeting a position of the Turkish occupation army in the outskirt of Basofan village belonging to Sherawa district, the position of the Turkish state was destroyed, two Turkish soldiers were killed and four others were injured.

On August 30, our forces carried out an attack on the positions of the Turkish occupation mercenaries in the outskirt of Marea, where our fighters clashed with mercenaries face to face, during which a number of mercenaries were killed.

In parallel, our forces detonated an explosive device with a military vehicle equipped with a 23 mm Dushka machine gun, which was completely destroyed. As a result of the two operations, four mercenaries were killed and two others injured. "



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