Turkish soldiers set fire on al-Darbasiya lands

The Turkish occupation soldiers set fires on the lands of the people of al-Darbasiya of al-Hasakah canton where the people are trying to extinguish the fires that damaged 130 dunum.

A fire broke out in the agricultural land adjacent to the Turkish border near the silos of al-Darbasiya, at 12 noon today. The fire was ignited by the Turkish occupation soldiers, causing the burning of 130 dunum of wheat and barley crops to al-Mukhtar family.

After the fire broke out, residents and firefighters went to extinguish the fire, and the work continued to extinguish the fire.

Our agency obtained a video of the surveillance cameras showing how the soldiers of the Turkish occupation army opened fire near the wall built by the Turkish occupation between northern Syria and Bakur, "northern Kurdistan".

It is noteworthy that thousands of hectares of wheat and barley crops have been turned into ashes as a result of sabotage by mercenary cells of Daesh and soldiers of the Turkish occupation army.



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