​​​​​​​Turkish state lies and truth - 2

 Media of private war and outcome of Turkish state attacks

 The Turkish state tries, through its private war media to hide their atrocities in occupying the region and its defeats in front of fighters and peoples, as well as to legitimize its policies.  On the other hand, it seeks, behind these lies, to continue its barbaric attacks on the region.  Genocide attacks also intensify in northern and eastern Syria, and the area has so far been bombarded with heavy weapons, artillery, tank shells, mortars and ops 19,879 times.

 Lies Cell Center in Ankara

 Of course, just as the sun cannot be obscured by a sieve, so the lies of the ice must melt and vanish in front of reality and the truth.  This fact applies to the AKP and MHP fascists, as well as to their own war media.  It is known that the occupying Turkish state runs a special war structure on its official website regarding the allegations of its media, in order to cover up the crimes of the occupation.

 In particular, the Anadolu Agency and Yeni Akit newspaper, which has a suspicious record of systematic lies, at least express the "basic truth" of the Turkish media.  False news, as well as psychological warfare, are all written on demand by a cell of lies located in Ankara.  Yes that the center of lies in Ankara.  Because the president, the prime minister, the Grand National Assembly of Turkey, the Ministry of the Interior, the Intelligence, the General Staff, etc., are all there.

 Fake news and answers

 The Turkish special war claimed that a total of 1,497 fighters of the Syrian Democratic Forces, People’s Protection Units and Women were martyred as a result of operations carried out by the Turkish state between July 16, 2021 and January 1, 2022, with this news they want to influence internal public opinion to spread baseless allegations  and waging a special war by the Turkish state is to use these methods to justify its occupation of the region.

They claimed a ground operation against the Syrian Democratic Forces on January 6, 2022, as a result, 30 fighters of the SDF were martyred;  and 29 fighters of the SDF on February 10, 2022 as a result of the attacks of the occupying Turkish state;  On 15 people, it was alleged that the SDF carried out an operation in the occupied area on May 13, 2022, which resulted in the killing of 13 SDF fighters;  It also claimed that it attacked 53 villages in northern and eastern Syria within 24 hours, killing 21 SDF fighters.

 Despite all the information published in the private war media of the Turkish state, the leadership of the Syrian Democratic Forces has always denied this allegations.  Erdogan's private war media has been waging a private war in conjunction with the attacks of the occupying Turkish state.

 The bombing targets all parts of northern Syria

 At this stage, in addition to the Turkish occupation state and its mercenaries ongoing attack the region and preparing to launch genocidal attacks against the regions of northern and eastern Syria in conjunction with the threats of the Turkish President Erdogan, it continues nonstop its raids and assassinations.  It escalates its daily attacks on Rojava territory with artillery, warplanes, reconnaissance aircraft, drones, weapons, tanks and mortars, seeking to escalat its attacks on Ain Issa, Manbij, Kobani, Tal Rifaat, Tal Tamr, Zarkan, Shahba and Afrin, to start a new occupation attack on the area.

 In the areas of Tel Tamer and Zarkan, especially the Assyrian villages of Tel Shanan and Tel Jumaa, dozens of places of worship and a church were bombed. The village of Umm Kaif in Tal Tamer was bombarded with 150 heavy artillery shells. Schools in Tal Tamr, and the villages of Kozliya, Dardara, Bab al-Khair, Abboush, Tal Juma'a, Ghaibish, Umm al-Kif, the municipality building in Dardara village, the Civil Council and more than 19 electricity centers were bombed on a daily basis.  As a result, the power plant in Tel Tamer was out of service, and the plant was targeted more than 21 times, which led to its damage and power outages in the villages of Hasaka.pp

 Turkish military drones flew 35 times over northern and eastern Syria, targeting a house in Qamishli.

 The countryside northwest of Manbij was bombed 365 times, including a communications tower, religious places and civilian homes.

 Al-Shahba area in the north of Aleppo governorate and Shera and Sherawa districts in the southern countryside of Afrin were bombed 141 times, including a medical center in the town of Tal Rifaat, and civilian homes were bombed in those areas, which resulted in material damage to the homes and properties of the people in the area.  A shepherd and his livestock were also targeted in the village of Tanab in Shirawa district.

 The town of Ain Issa and dozens of its villages in the eastern and western countryside were targeted by artillery and missile shelling 324 times.  Civilians were also bombed in the center of the town to intimidate and displace them.  Cars on the M4 were also targeted.  The villages and towns of Tel Rifaat, Mara’anaz, Al-Malikiyah, Bailunia, Ain Digna, Beni, Suganki, Harbel, Qamiya, Tel Khodi, Tal Al-Madiq, Tat Marash, Al-Marashiya, Shawargha, Kafr Anton and Meng in the countryside of Al-Shahba and Afrin are subjected to continuous bombardment on a daily basis.

Settlements are also being built in many areas of Afrin countryside in order to house mercenaries, especially in Shih district in Afrin.

 The regions of north and east Syria were bombed 19,879 times

 The occupation aims to intimidate the people of northern and eastern Syria.  The areas of Zarkan, Tal Tamr, Ain Issa, the countryside of Girê Spi, Manbij, al-Shahba and Kobani were bombed with thousands of tons of explosives that targeted civilian homes and resulted in great material losses.  The bombing operations resulted in the destruction of electricity and water stations and networks, schools and mosques.  The Turkish state also seeks to force the people of Rojava to emigrate.  The total number of times these areas were bombed reached 19,879 times.

 The outcome of the attacks from the beginning of 2021 until the month of June 2022

 According to the military sources, the outcome of the number of the occupying Turkish state’s attacks and their results on the occupied areas of northern and eastern Syria from Ain Issa, Kobani and Tal Tamr to Afrin and al-Shahba areas are as follows:

 • Number of civilian martyrs: 94

 • Number of civilian casualties: 186

 • Number of military wounded: 5 soldiers of the Damascus government and 6 fighters from the People's and Women's Protection Units.

 • Number of military martyrs: 5 from the People's Protection Units and Women, one fighter from the Assyrian Khabur Guard Council, one fighter from the Syriac Guard Council.

 • 153 fighters and leaders were martyred during the resistance of the Syrian Democratic Forces in 2021 against the attacks of the occupying Turkish state and ISIS mercenaries.

 • The number of villages and towns that were directly bombarded: 58 villages, 3 towns "Zarkan, Ain Issa, Tal Rifaat".  Civilian sites were also bombed in Qamishlo, Kobani and Tal Tamr

 • Number of snipers and preventing civilians from reaching their fields: 52

 • The number of attacks and shelling with heavy weapons, artillery, tanks, mortars and ops 19,879 times.

 • Number of ground attacks and advance attempts: 47

 • The number of targets with the Dushka weapon: 219

 • Number of attacks with heavy weapons: 2304

 • Number of missile attacks: 18

 • Number of attacks by march: 98

 • Number of monitoring operations and preventing civilians from reaching their areas: 3

 Field executions: Turkish terrorist groups executed Abdul Majeed Al-Awwad, 35, on September 22, 2021, while entering the village of Debs northwest of Ain Issa.

 • The number of civilians kidnapped by the Turkish occupation and its mercenaries in the areas of "Afrin, Serêkaniyê and Girê Spî" has reached more than 700 people.

 • Destruction of 22 historical sites

 • Number of surveys: 74

 Number of warplanes overflights: 50

 Number of armed drones: 85



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