Turkish state seeks to fuel Kurdish fighting and divide Iraq

Journalist Erdogan Altan said: The Turkish occupation state seeks to win the forces of southern Kurdistan to its side through deceptive promises to declare the Kurdistan state, and exploiting them in the war against the PKK, as it seeks to fuel the internal war between the Kurds.

The attacks of the Turkish occupation army against southern Kurdistan are escalating by targeting civilians while the governments of Iraq and southern Kurdistan have not shown any reactions against these attacks. Politicians from southern Kurdistan see this silence as an indication of those parties' acceptance of the Turkish attack, Iran is also carrying out attacks in southern Kurdistan.

Journalist Altan spoke about the latest developments in southern Kurdistan.

'The primary war is between Iran and America'

Altan explained that the primary war in the region is between Iran and the United States of America, and what Iraq is witnessing is a prelude to this war.

Altan said: The United States of America policies in the region planned according to the war with Iran, and added in this regard, "America's relations with regional powers and states come in line with its policy towards the war against Iran, and seeks to drag everyone into this situation. Iran also pursues a similar policy; the ongoing war in the region, the relations of all powers, and the war in the region today proves this fact clearly".

On the objectives of the dominant powers, Altan said: They aim to divide Iraq into 3 states, a Sunni state adjacent to the current Kurdish region, in addition to Shiites one."

In this way, Iraq will have a new war, so what must be carefully considered is how the various Iraqi political forces will deal with the new political situation. Regarding the position of the Shiite forces on this policy, it is known, as they consider this policy an anti-attack against them. As for the Kurds, They see this policy as an opportunity that must be exploited, while the Sunnis are hesitant and lack the decision and organization regarding the region's future. "

They promised southern Kurdistan to establish a state

Altan pointed out that the Turkish state resorts to a policy of evasiveness, and seeks to drag the forces of southern Kurdistan into its trap, through deceptive promises to declare the state of Kurdistan. Altan said: The Turkish state is deceiving the forces of southern Kurdistan and telling them: “If you fight with us against the PKK, we will allow you to establish a state. "

Altan considered that the Turkish state’s policies are for exploiting the forces of southern Kurdistan to their advantage: “Of course, we mean the Barzanis links with the Turkish state. When they make promises to the KDP of a state, they seek to fuel an kurdish internal war.

Phased attacks

Concerning the continuous attacks according to an extended and long-term plan, Altan said: The Turkish state continues this war in stages. The air strikes of the Turkish occupation starting from the night of 15-16 June, as well as the ground attack by the occupation forces in Haftanin, fall within the framework of a new war plan waged by the Turkish occupation army, in the first phase they worked to control the Zîne Wartê area with the help of the Kurdistan Democratic Party and the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan, and tightened the noose on Media's defensive areas. In the second phase they sought to complete the occupation attacks against Haftanin, Through the air strikes against Mexmûr, Şengal and Medya defensive areas. All these developments target in a tangible and clear manner the Kurdish people's freedom movement. The details of this expanded attack have been revealed to the public opinion as some people have confirmed that the occupation attacks will include the areas between the Khabur River and the Asus Mountains. It showed how the occupation began from Afrin to the Medya defensive areas. If the Turkish state succeeded in its endeavors, it would completely occupy Kurdistan from Rojava to southern Kurdistan, thus it would reach the borders of the Milli Charter.

They keep silent to legitimize the attacks.

Altan linked the silence of the government of Iraq, and in particular and southern Kurdistan Regional Government, with the objectives of the Turkish occupation: “They gave the role of armed attacks to the Turkish state, while they gave these forces the role of legitimizing and justifying these attacks, and they are playing their role in legitimizing the attacks by keeping silent. There is no doubt. In it, some of the weak voices that are issued against the massacres of the Turkish state are due to the popular opposition.

Iran is seeking, behind the attacks to prove its presence

In addition to the continuous attacks launched by the Turkish state, the Iranian regime's attacks against southern Kurdistan also continue, and regarding the escalation of the Iranian regime’s attacks in conjunction with the Turkish escalation in the region, Altan said: “With regard to Iran, what the Iranian regime was greatly afraid of about the emergence of the regime happened. Iran fears that the war will extend to its borders. The war that Iran has been waging for years through the powers and parties affiliated with it in the region, has reached today Iran interior, especially after the commander of the Quds Force, Qassem Soleimani, was killed by the United States of America, and Iran did not respond to the operation with any practical measure.

Likewise, the coronavirus outbreak and the US blockade on Iran has greatly weakened Iran. Therefore Iran is trying to tell the Iranian people and foreign powers that they are present and still strong, the United States seeks to win everyone on its side, Therefore, it pursues a policy of balances in the Middle East region, especially in Iraq. Iran also seeks to do the same, as Iran is in desperate need to follow such a policy.

 With the failure of the Turkish attacks the MIT movements escalated

Journalist Altan said: The Turkish state is heading towards defeat in Haftanin, so the Turkish intelligence (MIT) has stepped up its movements in the region, and added in this regard, "They believed that they would win a quick military victory in Haftanin through air strikes and drone strikes, but they They found that the fighters of the People Defense Forces and the Women’s Freedom Units - Star were lying in wait and fighting against this attack, so they had to resort to different methods. They also tried to use the same methods in 1990 against the freedom movement through the use of agents and village protectors. They are seeking to follow the same methods now in Bahdinan and its surroundings.

However, the people of the region were well aware of the goals and games of the Turkish state and showed a harsh reaction towards the silence of officials and the administration of the governments of Iraq and southern Kurdistan, expelling the Turkish MIT. Of course, there is a glaring truth, which is that members of Turkish intelligence seek to implement their plans through the Kurdistan Democratic Party.

Turkish intelligence seeks to hold meetings with tribal leaders in the region, but according to information received from the region, many families and tribal leaders refused these meetings, and in parallel with these endeavors, the Turkish intelligence is also seeking to recruit agents and spies through financial inducements, in order to use them to collect information about the leadership of the PKK. "

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