Turkish suicide drone targets a citizen east of Ain Issa district

A citizen was injured in Turkish drone attack near the M4 international road east of Ain Issa district.

The Turkish occupation targeted the 25-year-old citizen, Reda Ali Hussein, with a suicide drone that targeted the outskirts of the village of Al-Mushairfa, east of Ain Issa district, 3 km south of the M4 international road.

According to the medical staff at the Martyr Omar Alloush Hospital in the district, Reda Ali Hussein's condition is stable after he was hit by shrapnel in several parts of his body.

Ain Issa district has been subjected to a brutal attack carried out by the Turkish occupation state and its mercenary groups for more than two years, and the attacks caused the loss and injury of 62 citizens, including 37 children, some of whom had permanent disabilities, in addition to the displacement and destruction of the people of dozens of villages.



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