Turkish warplanes bombard Zap area, one Guerrilla fighter martyred

The Turkish warplanes bombarded on 19, 20 February Zap area in the Legitimate Defense Zones, where one Guerrilla fighter was martyred.


The Media Center of the People Defense Forces (HPG) released a statement to the public announcing that the Turkish occupation army’s warplanes have bombarded the Legitimate Defense Zones.

The statement included:

“The warplanes of the Turkish occupation launched air strikes on the Legitimate Defense Zones, in this context, the Turkish occupation’s warplanes have launched air raids on Fillehan village in the Zap area and Misluk village in the Shidkan area in southern Kurdistan at 10.30 and 11.00, these raids did not result in any damage to our forces.

The Turkish army’s warplanes launched raids on Karker square and Cîlo  Biçûk village in Zap at 19.20, these raids resulted in the martyrdom of one fighter in the ranks of Guerrilla. 

The fighter’s record is:

om de guerre: Ali Hewler

Name and surname; Ibrahim Elçî

Birthplace: Şirnex

Father, mother name: Sherin-Noraddin

Date, place of martyrdom: 19 /2 /2019, Zap


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