Turkish warplanes launched raids on Zab, Avaşîn areas

The Turkish warplanes launched raids on the Zab and Avaşîn areas, causing damage to the region's geography.

The warplanes of the Turkish occupation, launched on 11 and 12 of April, raids on the Medya.

In the details of the raids, the statement said that the Turkish occupation planes bombed between 07:30 – 14:45 on April 11, Konferanas Valley in the area of ​​Avaşin. At 12:30 hours, Cehennm Hill was shelled in the Zab area.

The statement added that the Turkish aircraft bombed Friday at 09:30 Kinyanîşê stadium in the area of ​​Zab.

The statement stressed that the bombing did not damage the fighters of (HPG), but damaged the geography of the region.



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