​​​​​​​Turkish women rise up against Erdogan after the killing of a girl

Many Turkish cities witnessed protest marches for the death of a young woman at the hands of her boyfriend, amid condemnation of the policies of President Recep Tayyip Erdogan's regime, which has not stopped the violence against women.

The hideous crime, the young Turkish woman, Pinar Gultekin, was killed, where her friend Jamal Matin Avci struck her, then strangled her to death, and tried to burn her body before placing it in a barrel, and burying it in a forest in western Turkey, according to Al Ain News.

And after the discovery of the crime, public opinion erupted, and they marched to express their anger at the incident, and to demand the ruling regime to take more measures to stop the violence that has increased in frequency in recent years against women.

In Istanbul, large numbers of women gathered in Beşiktaş, on the European side of the city, and a Koy judge, on the Asian side, and condemned the incident.

The event witnessed the participation of large numbers of artists rejecting such incidents, as well as the participation of the platform "We will stop crimes against women" and women's councils in the city.

The protesters were keen to raise banners that read statements condemning the incident, "We will not be silent against these incidents," and "It is time to activate the Istanbul agreement" on preventing and combating violence against women.

The protesters held pictures of the murdered young woman, chanting "We do not want death" and "We will destroy your memory" and "Do the Istanbul agreement".

In a speech delivered to the protesters, Secretary-General of the Fidan Ata Selim platform, she said, “We will stop the crimes committed against women.” “We feel so angry that we have no intention of going back one step. We signed the Istanbul agreement, and the regime is willing to revoke it. "

Earlier, regarding Istanbul, Parliament Vice-President of Justice and Development Numan Kortulmush said in connection with the agreement, "Just as this agreement was signed by completing the procedures, measures will also be taken to end it."

These moves have caused fear and panic among Turkish women; For their lives, especially in light of the imminent danger that threatens children.



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