Twelfth batch of refugee leave Al-Hol camp

The Autonomous Administration of northern and eastern Syria conducted the twelfth round of return trips, after yesterday it delayed its operation due to bad weather conditions, as 35 displaced families left Al-Hol camp.

The Autonomous Administration of northern and eastern Syria continues to operate return flights for the displaced people who wish to return to their homes in northern and eastern Syria.

Today, 35 families left Al-Hol camp, after Al-Hol camp administration was scheduled to operate the flight for the displaced people of Al-Tabqa and Al-Raqqa cities, which was postponed to this morning due to the bad weather conditions in the area.

The return trips in Al-Hol camp come in accordance with the decision of the Democratic Autonomous Administration for Northern and Eastern Syria, and after completing the required documents as well as the elders of the clans ensuring for those displaced from the regions of northern and eastern Syria, and only those who wish to return.

More than 19 cars carrying women, children and the elderly from Al-Tabqa and Al-Raqqa cities were released from Al-Hol camp.

The flight was conducted amid tight security in the section for the departures in the camp.

The last trip was in January 2, which was devoted to the displaced people of the Syrian city of Deir Ezzor.

Al-Hol camp, the largest of its kind among the camps that the Autonomous Administration has established, currently includes more than 67,000 people among displaced Iraqis and refugees, as well as families of ISIS mercenaries, Syrians, and foreigners, which was initially designated to accommodate Iraqi refugees who sought refuge in Syrian lands after the occupation of ISIS mercenaries, large areas of Iraqi lands.



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