Twin operations of Wrath of Olive in Afrin

The Wrath of Olive Operations Room has pointed out in a statement that their forces carried out twin operations in Afrin, resulted in killing of 5 elements of the mercenaries Failaq al-Sham affiliated to the Turkish occupation army, and the operation room pledged that they are still continuing to avenge for the people of Afrin.


The operations room issued a statement to the public opinion, indicating that their forces carried out two operations against the mercenaries of Turkish occupation army in Afrin.

The text of the statement:

"To the media and public opinion

“Our forces carried out twin operations, the first was carried out on 9/7/2018, where our units targeted a patrol of Failaq al- Sham gangs in the southern countryside and the patrol is a mercenary named Ibrahim Abdul Razaq al-Ahmad motorcycle and as a result of monitoring our forces for his movements was targeted to be punished of his actions against unarmed civilians in Afrin and the northern countryside.”

“The second was on 10/7/2018, the operation was the targeting of a pick-up vehicle that carried four elements of the mercenaries of Failaq al-Sham gangs, the four mercenaries took part in the occupation of the city of peace, plundering its wealth and insulting its defenseless people.”

“As a result our units monitored and detonated the car, killing all the mercenaries present in the southern countryside of Idlib, 1- Hussein Ibrahim Mustafa 2- Muhammad Karmo 3- Aiman al-Khaled 4- Gazwan al-Hussein noticing that the operation had been done in the southern countryside of Idlib, the thing which confirms that we are in every place where there is injustice, how injustice is practiced against our defenseless people, as well as a result of the practices of the Turkish state and its mercenaries for that, so we promise everyone had a hand in occupying Afrin and plundered its resources and insulted its people with harsh accountableness and as we promised you, what to come is graver.”

"Afrin" Revenge is coming. "



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