Two ISIS mercenaries killed in Iraq

On Friday, the Iraqi Security Media Cell announced the killing of two ISIS mercenaries and the destruction of three dens in a security operation south of Baquba.

The cell explained in a statement that "a force from the fourth regiment in the nineteenth brigade, was able to kill two ISIS mercenaries after setting up a tight ambush for them," according to Alsumaria network.

In the same context, the cell added that the force was also able to "destroy three dens during a successful security operation carried out in Jameel area, south of Bahrez district, south of the city of Baquba, in Diyala governorate."

On the 27th of this month, the security media cell said in a statement that "a terrorist group belonging to ISIS mercenaries opened fire on a 17th division security post in Habash village in Sadr al-Yusifiyah area, south of Baghdad."

The cell indicated that the incident resulted in "the death of a combatant and the injury of another."

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