Two sit-in tents to protest ban decision

People of Kobani and Deir Ezzor condemned  ban decision on the leader for another 6 months by the authorities of the Turkish occupation state, during two different activities, and demanded his physical freedom.

Various activities were organized in NE Syria to condemn the Turkish occupation' policies against the leader Abdullah Ocalan, and to demand the leader's physical freedom, as the Council of Martyrs' Families in the Euphrates region set up a sit-in tent in Martyr Akid Square in the city of Kobani.

Residents of Kobani canton, personalities from political parties in the Euphrates region, and members of institutions in Kobani canton flocked to the tent.

The sit-in tent event began with a minute of silence in honor of the souls of the martyrs. Then, the co-chair of the Council of Martyrs' Families in the Euphrates Region, Adel Haj Karau, delivered a speech. In which the people of the region demanded an escalation of the struggle against the authoritarian regimes seeking to break the will of the people aspiring for freedom by imposing isolation on the leader Abdullah Ocalan.

"We will not accept the injustice that is practiced on us, " stressing, "We will win with our solidarity and we will follow in the footsteps of leader Abdullah."

"We will escalate our struggle and break the isolation"

In her turn, the administrator of the Kongra Star Coordination in the Euphrates region, Amina Bakr, said: "Today we are striving with all our energy to stand up to the enemies of humanity and break the isolation imposed on the leader, the isolation through which they seek to exterminate us, but they are mistaken. The treasure that we inherited from the leader is precious, we will escalate our struggle and break this isolation and achieve our leader's physical freedom.

For his part, the member of the Executive Committee of the Democratic Union Party, Ahmed Khoja, said: "We have reached a stage in which we may or may not be, and to prove our presence, we went out today to the squares to teach every tyrant that we support our leader, and his freedom is our freedom."

The sit-in tent is scheduled to conclude today at 3 pm.


Just as the Syrian Revolutionary Youth Movement and the Western Region Council in Deir Ezzor set up a sit-in tent under the slogan "For the sake of leader's physical freedom, support the battle of freedom" in the town of Al-Sa'wa in the western countryside.

Representatives of civil institutions in Deir Ezzor, representatives of the Syrian Revolutionary Youth Movement, representatives of the Zenobia Women's Gathering, the military forces and the people flocked to the tent.

After the sit-down stood for a minute of silence, a statement was delivered, which was read by the member of the Syrian Revolutionary Youth Movement in Deir Ezzor, Rawda Al-Awwad.

The statement stressed, "In response to the policy of the fascist Turkish state, which is still practicing its immoral methods against the leader Abdullah Ocalan and imposing isolation on him in an attempt to put pressure on him to break the will of the people," stressing, "The great leader, Beacon of Ages is still confronting the Turkish state and its colonial plans within the walls of Imrali." .

"From this place, we renew our pledge to leader Abdullah Ocalan to struggle for his physical freedom," the statement stressed.

Then the head of the Western Region Council in Deir Ezzor , Muhammad Hilal, delivered a speech on behalf of the Western Region Council, in which he affirmed, "We denounce the Turkish occupation state's continued isolation on the leader Ocalan, and call on the international community and international human rights organizations to intervene and lift the isolation and achieve his physical freedom."

The administrator of the Office of Military Relations in Al-Kasra region, Ahmed Al-Jabr, delivered a speech in which he said.

"We condemn all the attacks and practices by the Turkish occupation state on NE Syria, and the isolation imposed on the leader Abdullah Ocalan and the international inaction about it."

For her part, Siham al-Abed, the administrator of the Zenobia Women's Assembly office in Deir Ezzor, delivered a speech in which she said: "O great leader, we are strong with your determination and steadfastness, your thought runs in our blood, and one day we will break the door of your prison."

Siham Al-Abed asked, "How long will this inaction last? We, the women of Deir Ezzor, demand the realization of the leader Abdullah Ocalan's physical freedom."

The event is scheduled to last for two days.



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