Two weeks for Ankara to abandon "S 400" system

Informed sources said that the United States gave Turkey two weeks to abandon the purchase of Russian missile defense system S-400 in favor of the American Patriot system, according to the "SNBC" channel.

Channel of "SNBC" quoted from sources saying, "By the end of the first week of June, Turkey is obliged to cancel the multibillion-dollar deal with Russia and purchase the Patriot missile defense system manufactured in US or it will lose getting 100 F-35 fighter jets which were promised by US, in addition to the imposition of US sanctions, as well as a possible reaction from NATO."

Tensions between Turkey and the United States are escalating over Ankara's decision to buy the S-400 missile defense system, which is not compatible with NATO systems.

The US officials say that Ankara's planned purchase of the Russian system threatens its role in the F-35 fighter project and its purchase of these fighters. Washington says the S-400 is endangering its F-35 fighter jets.

The United States and other members of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO), which own F-35 fighter jets, fear that the S-400 radar will be able to monitor and track down the fighters, limiting their ability to avoid Russian weapons.

Ankara says US concerns are exaggerated, and it urges Washington to set up a working group to assess the risks that the S-400 could pose to the F-35.

The agreement of supplying S-400 for Turkey was signed in December 2017 in Ankara. Under this agreement, Turkey would receive a loan from Russia to finance the purchase of the S-400 in part.

While Turkey has announced that it will not abandon the deal to buy Russian missile defense systems of the model "S-400" and that the first batch of these missiles will reach the country in July this year. For its part, the United States claims that the S-400 systems do not match NATO's criteria, threatening Turkey to impose sanctions on its potential possession, and has repeatedly stated that it can delay or cancel the sale of its latest F-35 aircrafts to Ankara, especially as Turkey is considered a member of the International US Private Program in manufacturing the F-35, but Turkey has also declared more than once that the S-400 missile systems are not a threat to the F-35.



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