UAE: Attacks on our coasts "bear complex, coordinated operation fingerprints"

The United Arab Emirates has told the UN Security Council that the first investigation into attacks on oil tankers off its coast suggests that "a state" is likely to be involved without specifying it.

A report by the United Arab Emirates to the UN Security Council said  that the attacks last month and targeted two Saudi oil tankers, a Norwegian ship and another UAE "have the hallmarks of a complex and coordinated operation."

The UAE has not identified a specific group that it believes is behind the attacks.

The United States has accused Iran of being behind the incident, but Tehran has denied this and called for an investigation.

The attacks took place on 12 May in the territorial waters east of Fujairah.

The UAE authorities said the ships had been subjected to "sabotage". Saudi Arabia also said its oil tankers were "severely damaged".

The attacks came amid escalating tension between Iran and the United States.

US National Security Adviser John Bolton said it was clear Iran was behind the attack.

Bolton said "probably more naval mines from Iran" were used to attack ships.

The United States sees the attacks as part of a broader "campaign" against Washington and its allies, but the Iranian Foreign Ministry has called the US accusations "ridiculous"



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