UN warns of humanitarian disaster in Idlib

 The United Nations Humanitarian Coordinator, Marc Lokoc, appealed to the Security Council to take action to end the attack on the Syrian province of Idlib.

The United Nations Humanitarian Coordinator, Mark Lokoc, warned that the continuing violence in Idlib might create the worst humanitarian disaster of the 21st century. "They have done nothing for 90 days as the carnage continues before your eyes," Lokoc told council members.

"Are you going to be careless again, or will you listen to Idleb's children and do something about it?"Lokoc asked.

The Security Council is deeply divided between the two sides of the conflict. Russia supports the Syrian regime while Western countries support mercenary groups. This division prevented the most powerful UN body from taking any significant action in Syria.

The province of Idlib and neighboring areas, where about 3 million people live, almost daily bombardment by Syrian and Russian planes. For its part, mercenary groups supported by Turkey control areas of the regime. In both cases, citizens pay the price of conflict of international interests in Syria.



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