Uncle of the kidnapped Arîn: We demand to disclose our daughter's fate and her release

The parents of the kidnapped young women in the Turkish occupation mercenaries' jails in Afrin, the girl whose name is Arîn Delî Hessan have demanded to disclose the fate of their daughter, demanding to put pressure by the international society to release all the kidnapped and abducted women in Turkish state's jails.

 The clashes that erupted between Turkey's gangs in Afrin on 28th May which revealed the presence of a number of women kidnapped in the jails of "al-Hamzat Brigade" mercenaries of the Turkish occupation, who were subjected to torture and violence, and among the kidnapped women was Arîn Delî Hassan, aged, 21 years old from Kîmarê village belonging to Sherawa district.

Ali Hamid, the uncle of the kidnapped Arîn, in an interview with Hawar news agency ANHA, called on the international organizations to put pressure the Turkish occupation to reveal the fate of their daughter and the fate of all the detainees and kidnapped in Turkish prisons.

Al-Hamzat Brigade's elements belonging to Turkey's mercenaries have kidnapped the young woman Arîn Delî Hassan from Kîmarê village belonging to Sherawa district in occupied Afrin before 3 months ago, whose family did not know anything about her fate until the video of the kidnapped women was showed inside a prison in the city of Afrin.

Ali Hamid, the uncle of the kidnapped Arîn, says they have not known anything about her fate since her kidnapping. He added, "After the video was showed by mercenaries in a prison in the city of Afrin, we saw our daughter among the kidnapped women."

He added in a tone of his dissatisfaction with the international silence regarding the Turkish violations, saying, "Doesn't the world and international organizations view all these violations committed by the mercenaries of the Turkish occupation against our people and women? The world should know that Turkey is an occupied country and is committing violations against the defenseless and innocent civilians."

Arîn is neither the first nor the last kidnapped

Ali asserts that "Arîn is not the first kidnapped woman in Afrin, not the last, so human rights organizations and international countries should not condone these violations and put an end to the crimes committed by the Turkish occupation against our women and children."

At the end of his speech, Ali Hamid called on the international organizations to break their silence. He said: "We demand international and human rights organizations to break their silence and open an investigation to hold Turkey accountable for its crimes against our sons and daughters, and to release the kidnapped women and all the innocent abductees who were detained by the mercenaries, for they are all unarmed civilians."




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