Under Şengal people pressure, Iraqi authorities allow liberated Yazidis enter

The Yazidis, liberated by the Syrian Democratic forces from al-Baguz, entered Şengal through the Jamarek crossing between al-Hol east of al-Hasakah and Şengal, after the people of Şengal forced the Iraqi authorities to open the crossing.


This morning, a convoy of the Yazidi house in the city of Amuda, a delegation of administrators at the Yazidi House Council in al-Jazeera region, headed towards Jamarek crossing between al-Hol related to al-Hasakah to hand over the Yazidis liberated by Syrian Democratic Forces during "Battle to Defeat Terrorism" in the town of al-Baguz, which includes three Yazidi women, and 18 children kidnapped by mercenaries during their attack on Şengal in August 2014.

The Iraqi authorities at Jamarek crossing initially prevented the crossing of the liberated Yazidis, but the pressure of thousands of Yazidis who came to the crossing to receive them forced the Iraqi authorities to allow them to enter Şengal.

An official at Şengal Council told Hawar News that Şengal people pressured the Iraqi authorities at the crossing which forced them to open the crossing for the liberated Yazidis adding they are now on their way to Şengal.



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