Uneasy calm prevails in De-escalation zone, shelling by rocket-propelled intermittently

The so-called Demilitarized zones stretching from the northeastern Latakia Mountains to the northwestern suburbs of Aleppo, passing through Hama and Idlib countryside, are witnessing uneasy calm during which regime and mercenaries fired several rocket-propelled grenades at southern Idlib on the third day of the new cease-fire.

According to the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, there has been continued cautious and relative calm within the whole area called "Demilitarized" according to the Putin and Erdogan agreement the warplanes of the regime and the Russian "guarantor" continue to be absent from the bombing of this region since the morning of Saturday, 31 August.

According to the observatory, this calm is accompanied by missiles fired by regime forces and mercenary groups in the region, where several rocket-propelled grenades fired by regime forces fell after midnight on Monday - Monday on the axis of al-Tamanea, Hish, Hass, KafarSjneh, al-Rakaya and Maarat Harma in the southern sector of the Idlib countryside. Syrian Observatory operatives also observed the flying of several reconnaissance aircraft in the airspace of southern and western Aleppo countryside, parallel to the Damascus-Aleppo International Highway, and the border area in rural Idlib.

The Syrian Observatory published on Sunday evening that the regime forces violated the ceasefire agreement and shelled dozens of missiles and artillery shells area De- escalation targeting the sectors of the south-eastern and western Idlib countryside on the axis of Lattakia countryside, which in turn were subjected to artillery and rocket shelling by mercenaries.

The regime forces had earlier ended a short-lived truce, and resumed attacks on Idlib and its surroundings, accusing Turkey of using terrorist gangs, and took control of 66 villages, towns and cities, including Khan Sheikhon and Mork, where Turkish observation points are spread.



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