Unidentified aircraft bombs a house in Hamam Turkmen

Unidentified aircraft has bombed a house in the town of Hamam Turkman, which is affiliated to Gire Spi, but the shell did not explode, while the shelling in the countryside of Zarkan district resulted in damage to the property of the people.

The reporter of our agency, in Ain Issa district, reported that unknown planes bombed the home of "Khalil Muwais" in the town of Hamam Turkman, located in Gire Spi / Tal Abyad.

Our correspondent explained that the shell that was fired at the house did not explode.

In a related context, our agency correspondent in the district of Zarkan said that the bombing of the villages of Noihat Dada and Abdan of the district of Zarkan today resulted in material damage to the property of the people and the destruction of a number of homes.


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