Unidentified assailants assassinated an elderly man in rural Deir Ezzor

This morning, unknown persons assassinated an elderly man in the town of Al-Sabha in Deir Ezzor.

This morning, unknown persons targeted Ali Al-Krihan Al-Muhaimid Al-Abed, at 80, in the town of Al-Sabha, by shooting him directly, which led to his death, according to our correspondent.

Our correspondent reported that the unidentified persons were riding a motorbike and shot the elderly, and then fled.

Cells of ISIS mercenaries are active in Deir Ezzor regions, targeting civilians continuously, while assassinations are carried out against notables and Arab tribal sheikhs in the region.

On February 22, residents of Al-Sabha town found the decapitated body of a woman named "Wadia Sarhan Al-Saleh" in the basement of an abandoned restaurant in the town.



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