Unidentified woman's body found in Afrin

The residents of Korkan al-Fawqani village, related to Rajo district of Afrin canton, found the body of an unidentified woman showing signs of torture and cutting her wrists.


According to a special source from Korkan Faqani village which told ANHA agency that the villagers found this morning the body of a woman in the third decade of life in a house in the village where the people came out, and shows on her neck the effects of suffocation and cutting of the arteries of her hand, noting that no one has yet to recognize the identity of woman.

According to the same source, last night the villagers heard the scream and cry of a woman who appeared to be tortured. The sound was coming from the house where they found her body, but the residents did not dare to approach the sound place for fear of the Turkish mercenaries who were present in the village, and Turkey's mercenaries are likely to be who tortured her and then killed her.





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