​​​​​​​Unity and awareness of the components of NE Syria to fail Turkish private war

The founding member of the Future Syria Party, Abdul Ghafour Al-Khalaf, considered that the Turkish embrace of mercenary groups contributed to the worsening of the Syrian situation, stressing that the awareness and unity of the components of northeast of Syria will thwart the private war of Turkey.

After the occupation of several Syrian regions, Turkey followed private war against the Syrian people, in order to create chaos and discord between the components, and dispersal of society, in addition to Turkey's attempts to sustain the Syrian crisis to achieve the highest level of political and military gains that are inconsistent with moral and human values.

The founding member of the Future Syria Party, Abd al-Ghafour al-Khalaf, spoke during a private meeting with Hawar News Agency, about the series of Turkish interventions in Syria, and its methods.

As Al-Khalaf indicated that Turkey used water weapon in addition to recruiting agents, prostitution networks and drug trafficking, in which Turkey saw the only way to complete the Turkish project in Syria, by dismantling society and luring young people to become a tool in the service of the Turkish intelligence services.

Al-Khalaf added that “since the beginning of the crisis, Turkey was able to manevour the cards and use them in a way that suits Turkish interests on the Syrian soil,” noting that Turkey has turned into a hotspot for mercenary groups. It has used them in wars that they have created or contributed to setting their fire through direct or indirect intervention as is the case in Libya today.

Al-Khalaf also shed light on the vigilance of the Internal Security Forces and the security forces, that enabled them to dismantle many spy rings recruited by Turkey and worked to promote drugs and establish prostitution networks.

He called on the people not to be lenient with any social imbalance, report it and foil Turkey's plans: "The people of the northeast of Syria must show full awareness and vigilance to the Turkish plots because the unity and awareness will fail the Turkish special war, so there is a common interest between Turkish fascism and the Syrian mercenaries, except that Turkey is trying to destroy Syria as a whole. "

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