US Defense Secretary: World Organization for IS remains strong

Voice of America agency reported from acting US Defense Secretary Patrick Chanahan, On Monday, saying " IS organization is still having strong international presence, alluding that SDF are still eradicating IS in last last pocket in east of Syria.


Chanahan told reporters traveling with him on a trip to Afghanistan that when it comes to the capacity of Daesh, it differs from "pockets remaining to dormant cells.”

"But in the context of military operations, I think the characterization of progress in Syria is that it has been eradicated and that we are making significant progress in the Middle Euphrates River Valley," Chanahan said.

Last week, US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo sought to reassure the allies that the United States would not give up efforts to eradicate IS, when it withdraws its troops from Syria.

Chanahan said on Monday he planned to discuss the situation this week with NATO allies, including support and security operations, which he says are important at the time of withdrawal.



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