US defense warns Turkey of "risks" of any unilateral action in Syria

The United States does not support the forthcoming Turkish military operation against northern and eastern Syria, the Pentagon said, adding that any unilateral action would raise risks for Turkey.

Pentagon spokesman Jonathan Hoffman told Reuters on Monday: "The US Department of Defense has made it clear to Turkey, as the president has done, that we do not support the Turkish operation in northern Syria."

Hoffman stressed, according to "Reuters", that "the US armed forces will not support any similar operation will not engage in."

Pentagon spokesman Mark Esper and the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, Gen. Mark Milli, told their Turkish counterparts that "any unilateral actions" in Syria "would pose risks for Turkey."

Earlier on Monday, the United States began withdrawing its troops from northeastern Syria near the border with Turkey, amid recent preparations for an occupation offensive in northern and eastern Syria.

The source: Reuters + Agencies

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