​​​​​​​US Embassy in Beirut: David Hale to visit Lebanon tomorrow

The US Embassy in Beirut announced that the US under Secretary of State for Near Eastern Affairs, David Hale, is visiting Lebanon tomorrow and will express his condolences to the Lebanese people for their losses as a result of the devastating explosion that occurred in the Beirut port.

The embassy confirmed that Hill would reiterate the US government's commitment to help the Lebanese recover from the tragedy and rebuild their lives.

In meetings with political leaders, civil society and youth, Undersecretary Hill will stress the urgent need to embrace basic economic, financial and reform, eradicate endemic corruption, achieve accountability and transparency, and introduce state control on a large scale through the operating institutions.

The embassy added that Hill will confirm America's readiness to support any government that reflects the will of the people and is genuinely committed to this reform agenda and works accordingly.

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