US initiative on Libya, the most important of which is the withdrawal of mercenaries

​​​​​​​The United States presented its initiative to solve the Libyan crisis to the Libyan Parliament, as the initiative, which is the first of its kind, included three axes, namely the creation of a demilitarized zone, the redistribution of wealth, and the withdrawal of mercenaries from Libya.

The American ambassador to Cairo, Jonathan Cohen, conveyed a message to the Libyan Speaker of Parliament, Aqila Saleh, during a meeting that brought them together in the Egyptian capital. Fathi al-Marimi, media advisor to the Libyan Parliament Speaker, said that Saleh discussed with the American ambassador the details of his initiative for a solution in Libya, and stressed the need for a fair distribution of wealth.

Libyan political sources told al-Bayan that Washington is committed to imposing a demilitarized zone that includes the Sirte al-Jufra line and the oil crescent area, in order to allow the flow of Libyan oil to global markets.

Turkey continues to transfer thousands of Syrian and foreign mercenaries to Libya and mobilizes its forces to control the oil fields in Sirte and Jufra, and this is what Egypt declared a red line.



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